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Baaghi Borne Everyday

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Original sound track of Baaghi drama serial touched my heart. It’s lyrics, I can relate to my soul!

I am still unable to understand the reason behind it, at the time when drama was on air. I did not write review because I was in ambiguity whether Qandeel Baloch really depicts the woman of my society or drama makers are just exaggerating her persona.

I think, the one who is empathizing with her is somewhere, somehow suppressed.

In Today’s world, majority of the people struggle for the attainment of self satisfaction, we live in a world of competition where sometimes rules are ignored and a restless struggle is on. This includes biases and tantrums.

Everything gets to you what you have ever desired for, but first you have to enable yourself and, for that, identifying your true inner is very critical.

The protagonist of Baaghi serial (Qanwal) gave us an appropriate representation of a struggling girl who had dreams and she wanted to grab each and every chance in her life.

Her passionate attitude towards her goal-achievement made her a rebel in a society, where dreams of an unprivileged girl is not easily accepted. And, in pursuit of her dreams, she had to meet her death.

Sometimes, whenever I reflect on the life of Qandeel, it feels like it is not the God who writes our destiny but those people we live with.

Our right-decision makes us the right person. In this serial, it is shown that especially girls are those creatures, who are not allowed to have dreams. May be, a sub-human.

Fouzia Batool was only the breadwinner of the family, still she got humiliated with questions like: how do we know where did you get all the money from? Did we ever ask you anything about it?

It is very hard to earn and for a woman it is even harder. Because many of the people around us are very much concerned about our lives, not because to solve some problems just because they find new topic to chit chat.

Several girls are killed in the name of honor every year. According to a report, in 2015, eleven hundred women were killed in the name of honor in our beloved country. In 2        014, about 1000 women died and 869 in 2013.

These figures seem to be less because we have been used of listening maximum  numbers during attacks and blasts. But just for once try to realize that they were living beings like we are, more than just a number.

Several girls are killed in the name of honor every year. Many questions are still there, waiting to be articulated.

Whether society accepts it or not, we the Baaghis are born everyday and make our ways.

Enjoy the soundtrack by Shuja Haider