Baaghi – a Qandeel Baloch’s biopic may set new records

Urdu 1 Channel has ventured into a biopic based on Qandeel Baloch’s life, a controversial social media star, and hoping to get the biggest hit of the year.

The first episode of Baaghi has gone on air and the viewers have found it thought-provoking too. This serial has been hyped for quite some time and everyone is eager to take this roller coaster ride.

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The lead role of Fauzia Batool aka Qandeel Baloch is being played by Saba Qamar, Sarmad Khoosat is seen playing the role of her dominant brother, Irfan Khoosat as her father and Saba Faisal as her mother. Osman Khalid Butt will also appear in the play later on.

The first episode of the drama serial begins with beautiful village scenery, typically associated with the Punjab province of Pakistan. The characters gradually come to the fore as the episode proceeds further.

Fauzia is represented as an outspoken and headstrong girl, who wishes to live her life in her own ways. On one hand, she has aims of reaching the pinnacle but on the other hand, she is also concerned about her family and dreams of becoming a popular star one day.

She is shown as a bubbly character, who loves to sing and dance freely like a ballerina in a conservative society of ours. The drama in no way determines to highlight her notorious acts or depict her as a martyr but it is set to raise voice against the brutal honour killings that used to take place in our country.

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Although the promotions of the drama serial had been conducted by using the pictures and videos of Qandeel Baloch but later the channel termed Fauzia Batool as a fictional character. The writers of the story Umera Ahmad and  Shazia Khan have explained that there are many Qandeels present in our society. They wish to work, to become models and singers but the world oppresses and exploits them. This story is a reflection of all such girls who have lost their paths due to the tyranny of our society and are blamed to be ‘too open’ for a country like ours. The drama is about the journey from right to wrong, from being a simpleton to an internet sensation and from being Fauzia to Qandeel. She is a true definition of a ‘Baaghi’.

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The drama seems like an immense challenge and the team has taken a huge risk by deciding to explore such a sensitive topic which may even lead to controversies. The term Baaghi has been used very cleverly and nothing else would have been qualified to make a better title for this drama serial.

The subject is strong, the story is captivating and the serial is on aired every Thursday at 08:00 p.m. on Urdu 1 channel.