Ayesha Gulalai’s New Allegations on PML-N for Instigating Her to Defame Pakistani Army

By Anahita Zurvan

Ayesha Gullalai, who came to public attention last year with her allegations of sexual harassment against PTI’s chairman Imran Khan; took a much-anticipated turn recently with her new allegation leveled against PML-N. According to sources, Gulalai revealed that she was instigated by PML-N to defame army in exchange of a senate ticket. In conversation with the Arham Khan of Sama, Gulalai told that she rejected any such offer by PML-N as talking against army is equivalent to talking against the sovereignty of one’s country. As told by her, “PML-N is in the depraved practice of defaming and slandering the institutions of Pakistan”.

It is important to note here that PTI on many occasions, strongly condemned and rejected such allegations and on many occasions told that PML-N was behind such dirty politics. In a press conference last year, Shafqat Mahmood, PTI leader told that the ruling party was behind allegations of sexual harassment levelled by Ayesha Gulalai. He along with the female leadership of PTI thumped the PML-N for ‘launching filthy campaign’ against PTI after disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.

Following is the video of Ayesha Gulalai leveling charges again PML-N: