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Axact Fake Degree Scandal: CJP Directs to Cap the Affairs in Two Months and Orders the Axact Officials to Pay the Outstanding Dues to Employees within Ten Days

By Maryam Iraj

Today, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered to windup the Axact Fake Degree Scandal related cases pending in different courts in two months. Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, also enquired what cases related to Axact were pending, in what courts and whether Axact’s CEO had been granted bail in those cases.

In response, the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) director general (DG) apprised the court that Sheikh had been granted bail in all cases.The CJP directed that bail granted to the Axact CEO will be cancelled if he failed to cooperate.

The Apex court further ordered the BOL officials to release the remaining payments in ten days to the employees.

Chief Justice of Pakistan furthered ordered to turn in 10 crores (Rs. 100 millions)  in ten day, so that the outstanding and long awaited dues could be paid to the sufferers.

In case of non-compliance of the submission of ten crores (Rs. 100 million), Axact will be responsible for the consequences . Shoaib Ahmad Shiekh, the Axact CEO might be jailed once again, warned CJP.

According to the statement of Shoaib Sheikh, CEO Exact, ” Salman Iqbal, CEO ARY, is obliged to pay the outstanding dues of two months because when the “crisis” hit Axact, he took over”,

CJP furthered inquired how much the complainants demanded? According to the counsel of Shoaib Ahmad Sheikh, employees claimed 30 crores (Rs. 300 million).

CJP further reprimanded the Axact’s counsel that he was given one month to effectuate the issues before showing up in court, but nothing could be settled by this time. This meeting was called for the sake of regulating and straightening the affairs a day earlier.

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According to the request of Axact’s counsel, “the payment of ten crores is a hefty amount and difficult to pay at once. If it could be a property bond as a guarantee, it would be much easier for the defendants to manage.”

To this CJP replied, its a matter of selling few more degrees for you to pay this amount.

The hearing was adjourned for ten days.