Avenfield Diaries-PML-N Banged in the Face

When you are no longer the king and "F" word is a routine for you.

In this age of social media, it is increasingly difficult to hold on to your reign and propaganda especially when you happen to be a “penthouse pirate”. And these pirates are bringing international shame home.

One can enjoy convoy protocols in Pakistan even after being declared corrupt and under serious trials, but can’t afford to be forceful and pompous abroad. Especially, in the country which calls you “the Penthouse Pirates”.

The world which they manufactured around an egotistical thought of individual enormity offering permit to reprieve, twist and modify moral standards is falling like a house of cards.

By setting themselves on a platform above and beyond the law is no more effective. This mafia can’t live any longer in the air pockets of unlawful authority they wanted to hold onto so badly.

With its popularity-based political angle, decentralization, at present, is at the heart of democracy. When one can elect, he/she can also hold the same account for all the wrongdoings and corruption. To be an absconder is no longer the option. You can’t hide yourself. There are no brainless followers out there who can help you to escape or hide. Submitting yourself to the supremacy of law is the only possible & safest choice for you, else be ready to be lynchhed.

Following are the footages of the angry mob outside the Avenfield House which, according to the court orders of the verdict of Judge Muhammad Bashir, now belongs to the Government of Pakistan.

People who act like god-sent leaders in Pakistan face effing day and night outside their residence in London with ultimate helplessness.