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Austria Intends to Seize the House Where Hitler was Born

After the years of struggle to buy the possession from its private owner, the Austrian govt. wants to seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born to stop it falling into the hands of the neo-Nazis.

“Given the unique nature of the building, its historic significance & the public interest, we have decided to begin discussions seeking to lay the legal groundwork for the seizure,” said Karl-Heinz Grundboeck, the spokesperson from the interior ministry.

The resolution was made after years and years of considerations & the futile efforts to buy the property, said Mr. Grundboeck.

He also added that the owner would be remunerated for the losing ownership of the house.

Adolf Hitler was born in the house in Brunau am Inn on 20th April 1889. It was made the focus of a historic protection order by the Germany’s National Socialist regime in 1938 after being bought by the Nazi Govt.

After being reverted to the Pommer family in 1952, the house was passed into the hands of Gerlinde Pommer’s in 1977.

The Austrian state rented the property since 1972 & used it as a daycare centre for the people with disabilities but it’s stood vacant since 2011 after the Pommer declined to permit work to be started to increase the accessibility.