Atrocities of Gender Discrimination in Pakistan

Gender inequality reigns supreme in our society

Women are considered fragile creatures on earth and they are always taken for granted in our country. They are not given proper rights. There are no proper grounds available for women as they are available for men. The country is in the situation of conflict where there are rallies every single day and women ask for their rights. Many just stay quiet because they are not given permission to even speak. Women are the solidarity of any country and they can do so much if given platform to work.

Thousands of women and men gather at Trafalgar Square for a rally after marching globally through central London, to promote women’s and human rights a day after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump on Saturday, January 21, 2017

Many women do not go out of their homes and prefer to do domestic work all their lives. Domestic working is not a problem but their choice is a problem, whether they want to work or not. Not only they work but sometimes face domestic abuse as well and torturous behaviors of their in-laws. Their studies are ceased due to the decisions taken by their parents. They compromise on their studies as well as their life decisions, but we have seen these fragile creatures turning into Muniba Mazari, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Maria Umar, Sayeeda Warsi and the list goes on.

Hillary Clinton has said;

“Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.”

Similarly, Michelle Obama has said;

“ No country can ever flourish if it stifles the potentials of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.”

The women in Pakistan are always complaining of being isolated from the professional walk of life. This is the reason why we see women on the streets every single day to scream for their rights. Many times they are being blackmailed through Islam and cultural values, but Islam has never set any rules which may put women in any trouble.

In the areas like khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, life is surrounded by strict rules and regulations. If you don’t follow them then you are punished. In short, the life is governed by a set of people and women have less authority over things. Many women are expert in embroidery, painting, stitching, and handicrafts. Pakistan needs people in the area of research and other educational grounds, thus women are needed in every field.

Many women who manage to work outside and show their skills, they are criticised and objected by the society and their families at first hand. They are never motivated or appreciated. Women are blamed for most of the unease in life. Even after the divorce, a woman is blamed most of the time for the separation. Men are always privileged to study in better institutions than women and many don’t even get the education. The following video shows the Michelle Obama speeches about women.

Women are forced to wear veils and do Parda in front of men. Women are not asked if they want to do it or not, the orders are decreed upon them and they follow them blindly. Women are always asked questions and never answered. Many rules are being made by the government and authorities but the women of Pakistan have been addicted to compromises and sacrifices. They don’t know the line where abuse starts. Thus they always suffer.

They have to suffer even after marriage where it is easy for men to rape their wives and say that it is legal. They don’t know whether their wife is ready or not, again they compromise and don’t tell anyone. Many acid throwing cases and abusive acts are being reported where the whole family is crying for the justice outside the court but they don’t know that the time has gone, they should have taken the step before this incident.

Pakistan is soon going to be a positive society based on western women rights because women now don’t face the rebuke and they stand up for themselves. However, backward areas still need more exposure and education to build confidence in their women.