Atif Aslam Sang An Indian Song on Independence Parade of Pakistan in New York

Should we forgive him?

Atif Aslam sang an Indian song on the Independence Parade of Pakistan in New York.

Yesterday on 7th August, there was an independence day parade by Pakistanis living in New York, people were excited about their independence from India. It was very ironic rather stupid of Atif Aslam to sing an Indian song on such a day. It is widely known that Pakistanis and Indians are not on good terms and after Independence have come across very harsh relations and have even been on war twice, they still do not have good relations, especially in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistani celebrities get a lot of criticism for working in Bollywood as the public doesn’t want our talent to be used by Indians – moreover, Pakistani want our media industry to take full advantage of our talented singers and actors.

It is said that Atif Aslam might have sung an Indian song without addressing the situation and without understanding the intensity. He might have sung it on a request of one of his fans or rather he might not have given weightage to the fact that the song was produced in India not in Pakistan and sung it because it was his.

Atif Aslam told ARY that “Often we are requested to sing one of our songs. I think Atif may have done that, not realizing whether the song was made in India or Pakistan”

Many fans and the general public did not like or appreciate his actions and condemned it. Atif received a lot of hatred for this genuine mistake that should be forgiven and forgotten since the song he sang for his and we should ignore the fact that it was produced in India.

However, it would have been more suitable if he had a sung a milli nagma on this occasion and given all Pakistanis away from Pakistan a better feel and aroma of their country, made them feel proud of being a Pakistani and made the day truly special for them.

Singer Abrar-ul-Haq said that Atif Aslam must be forgiven but he should not have done it.

Many Pakistani citizens were disappointed after Atif sang an Indian song and left the concert midway. The singer also faced immense criticism on social media.

With a huge voter turnout, the people of Pakistan have reaffirmed their commitment to democracy,” Mayor Blasio, a liberal who is also a prominent politician, told the huge crowd on the parade. He also congratulated all of the Pakistani Americans for the new elections.

The Mayor also said that though there have been discriminatory events against the Pakistanis which is against the ethics of the Americans and he is proud to announce that in New York there is no such case. The Mayor was quite benevolent towards the Pakistanis and did not make them feel different than the rest. not only did he participate in their joy but he made them feel at home and made a solid effort to cover up for the minority group.

Hamid Syed, chairman of the Pakistan Independence Day Parade Committee, thanked the mayor for his presence and assured him of Pakistani community’s continued support.“We now have real democracy in Pakistan, in Naya Pakistan,” Syed told the cheerful crowd.