Atif Aslam Has Disappointed Pakistan

How will Pakistanis react to this?

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In this competitive world, where everyone tries to fit in, where everyone tries to get recognized for their own individual self and tries to get accepted, Atif Aslam has opted for the way which hurts his Pakistani fans. At a time like this when Pakistan is swarmed amidst hate comments and has a negative image, it is heartbreaking to see that our own celebrity does not take pride in associating himself with Pakistan. One would expect that right now our entertainment industry will help better the thriving image of Pakistan abroad, that it would help fight the negativity our country is surrounded with and help others see our country in a more positive light.

It is sad to see that the people who reached immense levels of fame and who gained crazy success because of us, today they fail to even recognize that our flag is worthy enough to be held high during their concert in a foreign country, today they fail to notice a million voices that had once chanted their names with so much pride and instead, today they fail to take pride in us.

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It might be a little spur in the moment kind of thing when Atif decided to sing an Indian song rather than a Pakistani one, but what’s up with him not holding up the Pakistani flag? This is not even a matter of simply not holding up the flag or not singing a Pakistani track, it’s the image it portrays. This just gets all the Pakistanis wondering why our superstar failed to recognize us and this led us to question that is being a Pakistani that big an embarrassment?

The thing is that we tell our new generation to have pride in their land and to love their country, yet when they would see their ideals put forth such an example of utter disgust towards the country, how should they feel proud being Pakistani? How can you expect that your child can confidently answer that he belongs from Pakistan when he sees how these people, with so much respect and power, fail to accept their true roots and their actual heritage?

What this one action of the 35-year-old singer has done is that it has made us all rethink where Pakistan stands and has made us open our eyes towards the long journey we still have to travel together to make Pakistan better. It has served as an eye-opener to the fact that people, globally respected people, do not feel comfortable enough to be considered Pakistani, so we need to work extremely hard to bring this country to a state where each and every person, may they be rich or poor, can stand up and confidently admit that they are from Pakistan, we need to make this country so great that one should feel pride in holding up the green flag of Pakistan and we need to make a Pakistan where such people, who feel ashamed of being Pakistani, have no place in our hearts.