Atif Aslam Being Reckless and Presumptuous, Refused to Hold our Beloved Flag

Money and fame can change the person

Fame is something that we all want. However, many who are famous, misuse this opportunity. They think they are ahead of every person. Fame is addictive and it doesn’t leave a person until he dies. A person wants it more and more. Many celebrities have gone into severe depression due to the lack of attention and fame. A person should always remember the bad time and that time is very unpredictable.

Pakistan is a country surrounded by crises and struggles but this doesn’t mean that a person is allowed to bash its reputation in public or wherever he goes. Atif Aslam didn’t exactly insult Pakistan but he did in other ways. He refused to hold our flag in his NYC concert. Is it a threat to his career if he holds his country’s flag? Singing in India and having a contribution in their music industry doesn’t mean that you are an Indian.

Your ethnicity and nationality will never change which is “Pakistani”. His first album was released in Pakistan and they were Pakistanis who crazily loved his album even after he his inexperience. They didn’t care what his voice was like, but they supported him throughout. Even his work in India is loved by the fans. His songs are being listened to in every house. His songs have billions of viewers and many likes. Also, his songs are being downloaded and listened online. He has his name on the big hits of Bollywood such as Race3, the movie called Prince, Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani, Bajrangi Bhaijan and many more.

Even after embracing India and their industry, he is still being supported in his country and girls would die to come to his concert. Their love will never die. With all this love and support, it is not a very kind gesture to show to Pakistan that you openly refuse to hold the flag. He received his first ever award as Tamgha-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan, then he received Lux Style award for best male singer and also another Lux Style award for best-dressed male and all of these award shows were Pakistani. Tell is one Indian award he got even after being nominated for many times.


Maturity and sincerity are needed at this stage of your career especially when you are in a different country with a different crowd. Do not dwell into your fame too badly that you forget your originality. At last, you have to come to your country and city. It was just a moment that you enjoyed.