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At least 5 killed in Taliban attack on Afghanistan police headquarters

A Taliban suicide bomb and gun attack on a police headquarters in eastern Afghanistan killed at least five officers and injured 18 people, authorities said.(AFP Reported)

The assault — part of an all-out attack during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan — was launched at 6:00 am and was still continuing more than six hours later, said the regional police commander, Asadullah Shirzad.

In addition to the dead, nine police officers and nine civilians were wounded, he said.


Afghan security forces inspect the aftermath of a suicide bomb blast in Paktia Province, Afghanistan

The attack involved at least five Taliban, one of whom blew himself up at the entrance to the site in the city of Gardez to clear the way for the others.

One was still holding out more than six hours later, said Shirzad, whose city centre base houses both regular policemen and police special forces.

His description of the assault suggested a well-prepared and coordinated assault.

“One (attacker) blew up his vehicle at the entrance of the headquarters, opening the way for two others who opened fire on the security forces. Another suicide bomber was killed,” he told AFP.

The head of the police hospital, Dr. Shir Mohammad, confirmed the five fatalities.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the operation in a statement.

“Around 6:20 this morning a martyr attack was conducted by our mujahhidin against a special forces base in Gardez, Paktiya,” he wrote, reporting often as a far greater balance than officials, of a “hundred Of the dead and wounded among the police “.


Since the beginning of their spring offensive in late April, the Taliban have been mounting lethal assaults on the positions of the Afghan army and police, reflecting the vulnerability of the regular forces, which have lost several dozen men in recent years weeks. About sixty soldiers were killed on their bases, mostly at night, in the southern province of Kandahar alone during the same week at the end of May. The insurgents also target the international coalition forces deployed in support of Afghan forces: seven US soldiers were injured on Saturday by an Afghan soldier who returned his weapon against his instructors and advisers. Without calling for the operation, the Taliban fighting against the Kabul regime and the forces behind it have reported it and described the soldier as a “patriot.”

On 11 June, the Taliban claimed responsibility for a similar operation in the east of the country, perpetrated by an infected Afghan soldier who had killed three US soldiers and wounded a fourth in an operation in eastern Nangarhar province, Of the fighters of the Islamic State group. The multiplication of these incidents comes as the Pentacan is about to announce the sending of a few thousand additional men to counter the progression of the Islamist insurgents in the country.

They are battling to topple the government of President Ashraf Ghani and oust the Western forces that support him.

An Afghan news agency cites local hospitals as saying that five policemen are dead and least 30 people injured, including 20 civilians.