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Remaining two BOL employees released

Karachi: The Sindh High Court has ordered to release the last two employees of the BOL group of media here on Friday (today), the sources confirmed.

The sources added that the jail superintendent concerned tried his best to postpone the release but the court orders forced him to free the workers of AXACT and BOL group of media.

The sources have revealed their names as Zeeshan Ahmad and Zeeshaan Anwer.

They were detained by the police 15 months ago and had been in prison in Karachi jail.

The release of the two accused is a clear cut evidence of their innocence; even Chief of Karachi Police Shahid Hayat could not prove any offense against these two BOL workers.

It is pertinent to mention here that Axact and BOL TV workers have been facing severe victimization since a long period of time.

The employees of BOL and Axact have been harassed and tortured for a number of months by the prosecutors though they couldn’t find any offensive step by the workers.

The BOL media group has been facing troubles created by the so-called ‘free’ media of Pakistan because they knew that if the BOL TV was launched in Pakistan, they would lose all their credibility and viewership.

So they played dirty games in order to sabotage BOL Media group.

It is vital to mention here that BOL group of media was the only channel that was giving life-insurance, health insurance and many other lucrative facilities to its employees.

Additionally, the BOL TV was offering handsome salary packages to its workers.

Thus, one of the so-called largest media houses, fearing loss of its credibility, launched a vicious propaganda campaign against the Axact CEO Shoaib Sheikh. Thus, Shoaib Sheikh was sent to jail on the flimsy charges that have not been proved any way.

Meanwhile, BOL and Axact group of media CEO Mr Shoaib Sheikh and 13 other employees were granted bail on 15th of August after 11-month imprisonment.

It may be recalled that the government banned BOL TV almost overnight last year on the basis of a flimsy report in a foreign newspaper, arousing much public protest.

Independent media houses, civil society and general public alike, have hailed the court decision as a welcome step towards the freedom of expression as clearly enunciated in the constitution of Pakistan.

On the release of Axact CEO Shoaib Sheikh, the happiness of BOL media group employees knew no bounds. They were distributing sweets over the bail of Shoaib Ahmad Sheikh, the CEO of Axact.