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At FBI Request State Department Halts Review of Hillary Clinton Emails

The US State Department suspended its plans for an internal review of whether classified info was properly controlled in Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State’s emails at FBI’s request, said a representative on Friday.

Hillary Clinton apologized for using the private email server for official business while in office from 2009 – 2013 & claimed that she did nothing wrong. The FBI is investigating the arrangement.

On 29th Jan, the State Department stated that the 22 emails that were sent or received by Hillary Clinton had been advanced to top-secret at request United States’ intelligence agencies and wouldn’t be made public as part of release of thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails. It stated that none of the emails was marked as classified when sent.

At the time, state department also claimed that it would carry out an internal review on whether the info in the emails was classified at the time it delivered through Hillary Clinton’s private account run on a server in her home at New York.

In Feb, the Department consulted FBI about it and last month the law enforcement agency requested the State Department to terminate its inquiry.

“FBI communicated to us that we’d follow our standard practice, which is to put our internal review on hold while there’s an ongoing law enforcement investigation,” said Elizabeth Trudeau, the spokesperson of State Department

“The internal review is on hold, pending completion of the FBI’s work,” she added. “We’ll reassess next steps after the FBI’s work is complete.”

An official of the US State Department said that the Department had really only done the “administrative work” on its review but held off while waiting for a response from FBI.

“It took a little bit of time for FBI to respond to our request for advice & in the interim we didn’t pursue the review out of prudence,” said the official.

2 judges allowed a group suing for Hillary Clinton’s records to seek sworn testimony from the officials. On Tuesday, 1 judge claimed that there was “evidence of govt. wrongdoing & bad faith” over the agreement.