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Assistant Commisner (AJK) dies in a car accident

MUZAFFARABAD: On Thursday, an Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) commissioner and his son were killed and five other members of his family went lost after a car they were travelling in rushed into River Neelum, the official’s relatives said.

Abdul Ghani Mir, extra assistant commissioner of Hattian Bala district, was on his way to Dudniyal area in the upper belt of Neelum valley with his wife and five children to join the funeral of his mother when the misfortune happened, killing the father and son.

Five others went lacking and saviours had little confidences of their existence.

“The vehicle fell some 300 feet down the road into the river,” Tariq Maqbool Khawaja, son-in-law of Mir.

“We have found only its (vehicle’s) green number plate and the bodies of Mir Sahib and one of his sons from the riverbank, but the rest are missing,” Khawaja said.

The mishap was supposed to have happened after 2 am, as the vehicle, which was driven by Mir himself, traversed Chilyana police post, some 50 kilometres from here, at about 12.45 am.

It is said that the river had been rolling serenely in the area but it twisted gloomy due to fresh rains, creating the search for the missing persons difficult.

Mir was due to retire in May this year.