Asim Bajwa shares live call from terrorist during BKU attack

General Asim Bajwa has shared the recording of a call by terrorist talking to a news reporter.

According to sources, the terrorist was talking to the reporter while the attack was in progress in the Baacha Khan University, Charsaddah.

The Terrorist while talking on the telephone used the SIM of Afghanistan while the reporter in Pakistan was using the Pakistani sim card.

“This is a university attack, same like the APS attack”, asks the reporter.
The terrorist replies that it is alright in doing so because these people are destroying them being not part of a good political, democratic and governing system.

On asking, the terrorist said that there are four people who have entered the university premises to attack and their names are Umer, Usman, Ali and Abid.

All of them have weapons and suicide jackets and they are all set to sacrifice their lives, he added.

He also confirmed that two of the militants have died and two are still left.
“All this is because they (government) has penalized 332 people with capital punishment and started 21000 operations.

He said this is revenge of killing our friends in D I Khan yesterday.

General Asim Bajwa has decided not to take the name of the reporter in front of everyone.