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Asifa Bhutto prepared to replace Bilawal

Asifa Bhutto Zardari is the youngest daughter of Benazir Bhutto, which means she is the youngest of the Bhutto legacy right now. She seems all set to smoothly taking on the challenge of taking upon herself Pakistan Peoples Party’s steering wheel from Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.
After the nation, his party and his family gave him the due time and opportunities to rise up to the level of the podium he stood upon, no matter what differences lie in the nation’s different political factions, they all agree that he has miserably failed to come up to the expectation of Asif Ali Zardari and the party.
Disappointed by Bilawal’s leadership and seeing the party graph nosediving fast, Asif Zardari himself returned to the country. He and his mates made an effort to uplift the party from the then current crisis but instead, all rescue efforts resulted in further damage as a number of PPP’s ‘electables’ (the political term used for people who have significant voters who vote in their name) switched their loyalties and joined the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, mainly in Punjab and KPK.
This included the flight of ‘big names’ including Noor Alam, Firdous Ashiq Awan and Nazar Gondal. At this point, it is also expected that this act may also encourage others who have been waiting in the wings. For them this is a golden opportunity switch their dedication and this process is inflicting irreparable damage on PPP.
As the next general elections 2018 are approaching, Asif Zardari understands that Bilawal Bhutto may not prove as potential candidate for being able to sustain the Prime Minister slot. Neither his interest nor his acumen seem to favor him being a political ruler.
In this situation, Asifa Bhuto stands out and is clearly seen as the best option to replace Bilawal. According to reliable sources, she is being prepared and groomed to enter politics.
Asifa Bhutto is a very composed, intelligent woman and is very active on twitter with her statements which reflect that she keeps a keen eye on national politics. Her influence in the party is also evident as Asif Ali Zardari refused to include Marwat in the party over the protest from his daughter Asifa. Also, she compelled Khurshid Shah to apologize for his derogatory remarks about the women of the Pakistani parliament.
Her entrance in politics may refresh the memories of Benazir Bhuto in the minds of masses who put the party’s responsibility on her shoulders when she was barely 24-years-old.
Asifa Bhutto, born on February 2, 1993, will be old enough to contest the general elections of 2018.
She is expected to contest elections from the Larkana-Ratodero NA-207 seat, which is the home constituency of her mother and former prime minister Benzair Bhutto. This seat was first reserved for Bilawal Bhutto to contest.
The question remains whether Asifa Bhuto, like her mother, will assert her command to lead the party or like her brother would serve as mere face to the party campaign.