Asifa Bano Still looking for Justice Beyond her Grave

By Maryam Iraj

Not a single day goes by without reporting child-abuse or rape case. The brutal murder of Asifa Bano in occupied Jammu and Kashmir shook the entire media and journalistic community as it was not a rape against a child , it was a rape against a Muslim girl-child, a Kashmiri Muslim,  who was violated and murdered in January 2018, in a Hindu temple Devasthan (prayer hall) after the rituals were performed by the rapists.

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Asifa Bano, A Rape Victim, A Hate victim

Her predators first gave her sedatives and raped her for three consecutive days, and finally strangulated her. According to the police, she would have been killed more quickly had one man not persisted to rape her for one last time. She was stoned twice in the head following her strangulation to ensure that she was no more.

This is not one of the many rape-assaults; Asifa Bano case once again exposed the demonic Indian occupation in Kashmir. Ever since Asifa’s death in January, Kathua: the small town where she was killed, has become a hub of protests and threats for her family. Asifa’s case also reflects on the classic example of India’s religious friction. As some denounce sexual violence and demand justice for Asifa’s family, there are those Hindus as well who are demanding justice for the rapists.

In response to the ongoing anguish and riots of Kathua,  the exposed brutality of Indian army in occupied Kashmir knows no limits. The Jammu High Court Bar Association (JHBA) called for a bandh in the occupied Kashmir on Wednesday in support of various demands, inclusive of CBI investigation into the rape and murder of Asifa Bano. It further claimed the mass support to the call for a strike, JHBA claimed that  more than two dozen social, religious and political groups besides commercial transport and tanker unions have sworn in to support Asifa Bano’s family.

Following the Hindu-Muslim riots, Asifa Bano’s family had to leave Kathau.

Even the Asifa Bano’s lawyer, Deepika Singh Raajawat, has been threatened lately with rape and murder. She requested the Indian high court to provide her with the required security.

In the following video, Mushaal Hussein Mullick, gives a message on the brutal rape & murder of Asifa Bano.

Yasin Malik and Mushaal Hussein Mullick’s daughter Baby Raziyah Sultana’s message on Asifa Bano’s brutal murder and rape in Hindu Temple. In video, Raziyah Sultana prays to Allah to save Asifa and Kashmiri children and that she misses Asifa Bano