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Arun Lal will be in commentary box soon after cancer

NEW DELHI: Former India Test opening batsman and famous commentator Arun Lal is recovering from jaw cancer after undergoing treatment.

Arun Lal told that cancer was detected in January this year after which he underwent a fourteen-hour surgery and replacement of jaw.

[quote] I got calls from close friends,” said Lal, who played Ranji Trophy for Delhi and Bengal.[/quote]

Among the callers was Yuvraj Singh, who had waged a successful fight of his own against cancer after having contributed to India’s 2011 World Cup triumph.

[quote]It’s a rare and dangerous disease. The symptoms were detected in time (in January) before I went through a rigorous treatment process. Thank God, I have been able to hold my place.[/quote]

Fifteen years later, having persevered through great personal trauma, he feels he is starting anew: Obviously it is like a new life. It was tough, but I am indebted to the fantastic job by the doctors.

Lal received “calls from close friends” to help with his recovery. Among them was Yuvraj Singh, who had fought against cancer in 2011 and had since returned to playing international cricket.
[quote]I know what it feels like because I have been through this,” Yuvraj said. “It’s nice if you can share someone’s pain and help him overcome it. I always try to understand the mindset of the patient because it mentally defeats you.[/quote]