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Arthur Anderson, the voice of Eustace Bagge in Courage the Cowardly Dog dies at age of 93

For a lot of reasons, our childhood was fantastic as we always had the support of good cartoons to cover our good times.Arthur Anderson, the voice of Eustace Bagge in Courage the Cowardly Dog, has died at the age of 93 in New York.

Arthur Anderson, who was the voice of Eustace Bagge, played not only a part for Courage the Cowardly Dog franchise, but also played an important part in our lives. For he gave us a beautiful childhood we still miss.

Arthur Anderson was not only a voice performer, but also was heard on the radio, acted in movies, and also was a stage artist.

He worked with Orson Welles on a theater production of Caesar (Lucius), Second Hurricane, King Lear and Shoemaker’s Holiday.


Arthur Anderson
Arthur Anderson (image via Search Engine)

His movie credits include Midnight Cowboy, Zelig, Green Card and I’m Not Rappaport. He was also renowned as the voice of the Lucky Charms mascot Lucky the Leprechaun, for, despite not having an Irish accent, his name apparently sounded Irish. In 2005 he recalled.

He worked as a voice artist for radio before joining film-maker Orson Welles’s Mercury Theater. He also appeared on Broadway and worked on several films over a prolonged career.

The actor was married to Alice Middleton, a casting director, who died last year. He is survived by their daughter, Amy Anderson.