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Arrest of Hurriyat leaders sparks new wave of protest in Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Hurriyet leaders, Mohammad Yousuf Naqash, Mohammad Abdullah Tari and Mohammad Khan Sopori, in involved Kashmir, have censured the manikin organization for unleashing mass capture spree and slapping of draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) on individuals especially the young over the Valley.

As per Kashmir Media Service, Mohammad Yousuf Naqash in an announcement issued in Srinagar censured the proceeded with capture of resistance initiative and human rights safeguard Khurram Parvez and depicted it disappointment of the powers. He said the strengths have unleashed a rule of dread over the region and the manikin organization has broken all records of oppression which is disgraceful.

He said the correctional facilites and cross examination focuses have been loaded with honest individuals and numerous have been moved to outside the region.

Mohammad Abdullah Tari in an announcement issued in Srinagar cautioned the powers of genuine outcomes on the off chance that they don’t stop the crackdown on the Hurriyet pioneers and activists.

Censuring the crackdown on resistance camp, he likewise scrutinized the powers for capturing the religious researchers and pastors over the domain. “This is obstruction in the religious matters of Muslims and can’t go on without serious consequences, he included.