Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

5 signs that you could be addicted to your phone and what you can do about it!

If there ever was a logo of the new age ‘millenials’ as this group is called, it would be a person huddled over with their cellphone stuck to their ear. Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look I see the same familiar sight. Whether in cars, on foot, at an event, night or day, the cell phone is becoming a staple of every day life.


The first cell phone was launched in 1973 and weighed 2kgs. The first commercially available portable phone arrived in 1984 and was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x.

Adults, babies and teenagers are equally besotted. Or maybe addicted would be more appropriate. Research has shown that mobile phones are so vital to teens that they can not spend their hours without one.

Even if the phone isn’t ringing or buzzing with messages, we pick it up just to see. Just in case.

A few years ago, friends and cousins used to meet to chat, play board games and cricket in the summer. With the years the equations have changed.

I have seen people meeting and then sit next to each other, on their phones. Along with questioning the sanity of this action, I also do wonder about the compulsion that has taken an entire generation into its grasp.

The more useful the phone has became, the more addictive it is. Whereas first you could just make a call from it, now you can run your life with it.

You can access your bank, watch movies, stream your favourite television show, do calculations, organise your life and even use it as a remote control.

According to an article in Psychology Today, 40% of the population is addicted to their smarphone. 50% suffer from Nomophobia, fear of being without one’s phone.  Some people (12%) cant even shower without their phones as a survey concluded in 2013.


So what are the signs that you are addicted to your phone?


Can you survive a whole day without looking at your phone?

44 % of people claim that they cant. Most cant go even an hour or an average daily commute without their phone. Drivers use it whilst driving which makes it even more dangerous.

Some drivers read messages and make calls during the journey which is a hazard


Do you take your phone into the bathroom?

76% of women and 74 % of men take their phones to the bathroom with them. Some use it as a haven to surf the internet uninterrupted ignoring the fact that this is time away from family; the people they are ‘hiding’ from.

Using your phone in the bathroom is unhygienic and a waste of time



Do you check your phone out of habit?

Most people do often when bored, habit or just passing the time. even of they are at work or at a school function. It’s a ridiculous notion that something will happen in the world that you won’t know about.

Checking phones during work are unnecessary distractions



Do you sleep with your phone right next to you?

If yes, you are in the 80% of 18-24 year olds that do the same. Most people suffer from separation anxiety when away from their phones whilst others check their phone the last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

Many people sleep with their phones right next to them



Do you feel disconnected from your family?

There is little doubt that the preoccupation with the mobile phone has chipped away at relationships.

Connected to the phone instead of each other?


Is there a cure? Indeed there is!


Spend the first and last thirty minutes of your day phone free.

You can read a book, go for a walk and actually talk to the person who are waking up next to.Make an effort to have phone free time zones.

Make your meal times phone free.



There is no need to be on the gadget 24/7.

If you are watching TV do you get up every 5 minutes to see if there is someone at the door? Well checking your phone every ten minutes just in case someone has said something is equally bizarre.

Enjoy uninterrupted quality family time.



Try using other gadgets for different purposes.

Whatever happened to hand written diaries and organisers. Use an alarm clock to wake you up rather than having to look at your phone late at night.

Use paper to write notes on to decrease your dependency on your phone



If you get up in the middle of the night, do not check your phone.

Just drink your water and go back to bed!

A peek at your phone wont make you sleep better!



Remember that your family needs the whole you!

Not someone distracted by endless YouTube videos or games but you at your attentive best.

Don’t have ‘Me time’ when your kids need you


Phone addiction is a very real problem. But like all things in life, it can be beaten. Learn to balance your life and remember your priorities. Make gadgets work for you; do not work for them.