Apologise or ready for Jirga, PTI women to Gulalai

After Shireen Mazari, the women workers of PTI have also jumped in against the statements of Ayesha Gulalai, former PTI leader.

Addressing a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday, members of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf women wing straightforwardly rejected the allegations of Ayesha Gulalai on Imran Khan. They said Gulali did all this just to get some cheap popularity and if she will not tender an apology, we will send a Jirga to her.

PTI leader Naeema Naz said this is a very wrong practice of putting allegations on your former party after switching your loyalties to the new political party. She said Imran Khan does not have a BlackBerry cellular phone. Able workers are being promoted to upper ranks in the party. Her baseless allegations have hurt us. Gulalai had also put baseless allegations on Pervez Khattak, Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but the fact is that she never worked with Khattak.

Naz said Gulalai does not belong to KPK rather to Fata. She demanded the ticket of NA-1 constituency but Imran Khan said this matter would be decided by the parliamentary board. Khan also complained to her that she is not actively participating in the party affairs, she added.