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Anti-Pakistan director wants to make a film in Pakistan

KARACHI: Controversial director of Bollywood Kabir Khan, who made films always against Pakistan like ‘Phantom’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ said he is interested in making a film in Pakistan.

Kabir Khan is in Karachi now-a-days to participate in a conference, the ‘Phantom’ director said to a local newspaper on Tuesday that politics stands in the way of cultural exchange between the two countries. He said

But you see, politics will stay the same. Artists should be allowed to travel and work freely

Director Kabir Khan also told that he already visited Lahore a few months back and but this is his first time in Karachi and about the response his film got he thanked Pakistanis and said

My film Bajrangi Bhaijaan received a lot of appreciation in Pakistan for which I am grateful. The purpose of the film was to bring the people closer

Kabir did not forget to talk about his film Phantom and cleared his point that the criticism in Pakistan was their right because of the content in the film.

Phantom was banned in Pakistan, but I understood that because it was a political film. But even with this film I shed light on certain elements on either side of the border that add fuel to fire

His point of view was that they are extremists of both countries are present and doing regular activities to promote hatred among people of both countries, and they have no intention to improve.He said, whenever a terrorist attack happens, the media does not treat the matter with care and instead raises a disturbance.

I urge Pakistani film-makers to come to India to make films. Politics indeed is a hindrance in this exchange, and I think our governments should ensure the interests of the artist community are protected.

Kabir appreciated Pakistani actors and musicians and said that they made their name prominent in India and said

The more we collaborate, the more it will help improve the situation.

Kabir said participation in the conference was just an excuse. I was invited to come to Pakistan hence, I did. Even in future, I will never turn down any such invitations.