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Anti-Pakistan Campaigns In US Won’t Put Pressure On Pakistan: Aizaz Chaudhry

Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Aizaz Chaudhry on Tuesday said that people involved in anti-Pakistan campaigns in the US cannot put pressure on Pakistan.

While talking to a local media outlet, the ambassador said that these ‘Free Karachi’ campaigns that can be seen nowadays in the US are not what the US masses’ opinion represents.

Chaudhry said these people do not know what is happening in Karachi, adding that Karachi today is peaceful and business is booming.

Ads with “Free Karachi” and anti-Pakistan messages had recently appeared on cabs and billboards in the US, however, the Pakistan government was assured by the US that these ads did not have their backing.

The ambassador also said that the Taliban and Haqqanis have been told by Pakistan to go back to Afghanistan adding that India could be using the role given to it in Afghanistan, against Pakistan.

He said that the bill being introduced in Senate to stop US aid to Pakistan is nothing serious and that bill like these hardly ever see the light of the day.

He concluded that people in the US who matter, know how significant US’ relationship with Pakistan really is.