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Anti-Abortion Movement Dreads Over Possible Choice between Trump & Clinton

A week after Trump stated that the women who have illegal abortions should “face some sort of punishment,” he on Tuesday tried to redeem himself by claiming that the women should still vote for him because he’ll protect them from the terrorists.

“My question is, who is going to protect us from him?” said the president of conservative Christian activist group CWA (Concerned Women for America), Penny Nance.

“I do not know that we’d endorse anyone,” said Nance in an interview.

 “That’d be horrible choice for our members. As questionable as Trump’s judgement is, sadly, we know Hillary Clinton’s positions, and they’re the opposite of what we believe to be a good policy.”

The problem is not only that Donald Trump had once himself called a “very pro-choice.” It is that his remarks that the abortion should be banned & the women who’ve the procedure should be punished — weakens years of carefully constructed messaging by the abortion rivals, who’ve long sought to represent themselves as caring & compassionate toward women.

Donald Trump essentially repeated the major talking point of abortion rights movement: that the lawmakers are trying to rebuke the women by making the abortion challenging or impossible to access.

“This impression that women should be punished is really out of line with pro-life movement,” said Jeanne Mancini, who is the president of annual anti-abortion protest, named March for Life. “I am not aware of any laws pro-lifers have been behind that would punish the woman,” she added.

As the abortion rights groups seized on Donald Trump’s comments to highlight their point, Trump tried to walk his declaration back by saying that the abortion laws should remain exactly as they are. “At this moment, laws are set,” said Donald Trump. “And I think we have to leave it that way.”

However, he only further estranged the anti-abortion movement. “Trump has completely contradicted himself,” said the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, Marjorie Dannenfelser. “If this is his position, he’s just disqualified himself as the GOP nominee.”

Nance, who has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz in primary, stated that while she’ll never endorse Donald Trump, she’d still personally vote for him over Hillary Clinton. However, it may be too hard of a choice for other abortion opponents.

Nance also said that she was particularly worried about how  Donald Trump’s abortion remarks will affect his backing from the conservative women. A recent CNN poll revealed that 73% of the women — including 39% of the Republican women — have disapproving views of Trump.

“At the end of day, we are never going to support Hillary Clinton, but I worry about the women staying home because they do not like their choices,” said Nance. “And I understand that. It is difficult.”