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Answers to Nawaz “Why me” ?

A question that often recurs in our mind at the time of crisis is “Why Me?” The answer to this question is very simple. Logic says “what goes around comes around”. We are victim to our own doings.

Pakistan’s political situation is dwindling from the day when the previously ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan swore oath on 5th June, 2013. Opposition parties blamed Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) with rigging and launched a massive protest. The race to open ballot boxes of 4 constituencies was turned into a complete political campaign, the result of which was against PML-N but the winners were secured with the wall of stay order.

Nawaz Sharif dragged the entire nation into political and economic instability. His behavior was like a monarch. He didn’t want any service chief to be seated next to him and his vision of development was confined only to loans. During his term as the PM, government took massive loans of $28.03 billion from June 2013 to October 2016, wherein State bank of Pakistan held reserves of only $16.5 billion.

The game of bluff does not end here. Nawaz Sharif’s assets swelled from millions to billions. After being ousted, the PM asked the people of Jhelum in an emotional tone “Why was I sent home?”

His question is very valid but the answer is even simpler. If we read the first paragraph of Panama Judgment which is written by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, we can draw a line and the answer to Nawaz Sharif is covered. I quote the Judgment “we hold that the questions how did Gulf Steel Mill come into being; what led to its sale; what happened to its liabilities; where did its sale proceeds end up; how did they reach Jeddah, Qatar and the U.K.; whether respondents No. 7 and 8 in view of their tender ages had the means in the early nineties to possess and purchase the flats”. I de-quote.

The aforementioned remarks from Justice Khan are enough to answer Nawaz Sharif’s question. The same question with a polite tone was asked by ousted PM’s daughter during JIT investigation. The Supreme Court of Pakistan also answered this question in its judgment on the case by ordering NAB to file 4 references against Nawaz Sharif, his three children, son-in-law and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in following cases.

A: Avenfiled Properties.

B: Azizia Steel Mill and Hill metal.

C: Reference relating to the companies mentioned in paragraph 9 of the judgment.

D: Reference relating to respondent No. 10 for possessing assets beyond his known source of income.

These references are answers to Maryam Sharif’s questions. But the question which the general public is asking from Sharif family is why this GT road march is launched despite the fact that PM and his children have failed to present their income details?

Political gurus are of the view that Nawaz Sharif is showing muscle to the judiciary. Nawaz Sharif is brushing all the allegations on him under the carpet by taking public sympathies. On the other hand PML-N is divided into two groups, according to Chaudhry Nisar, Current media statements show that 99% senior leaders are not moving with Nawaz Sharif on GT road which shows a split in the party. This situation may harm the party in coming elections.

Old buddies of Sharif are waiting for a big blunder from Nawaz Sharif which will justify their separation. Sooner or later party vote supporters will turn their loyalties. Nawaz Sharif himself is hijacked from those workers who believe in the politics of confrontation. Instead of asking questions from public, Nawaz Sharif should ask the same questions from those who are advising him to start a war with judiciary.