Another Terror Activity Failed in Quetta at Madadgar Center by Pak-army, Another Story of Sacrifice Unfurls

By Maryam Iraj

While our politicians and pseudo-liberals keep maligning the image of Pak-army and mock their efforts, not a single days goes by without reporting their sacrifices for our mother land. This is not merely a news, whenever you read it on, it’s our commitment and unflinching support to the army of this country. And we owe this homage to our Jawans who are safeguarding Pakistan with their insurmountable spirits.

Yesterday, five suicide bombers properly dressed up in FC uniforms were caught Madadgar Center before causing any fatal damage; one of them blew himself up in vehicle at FC-15 gate, while the rest of the four tried to enter. Due to the prompt response of the army, three of the terrorists were killed, and seven Jawans were injured.

Home Minister, Sarfraz Bugti, tweeted to appreciate their matchless bravery and sacrifices:

More power to our army whose excellent response didn’t allow these terrorists to penetrate.

Home Minister, Sarfraz Bugti, visited the Jawans of our army who got wounded in the attack:

Clearance of the area from defusing jackets, grenades and dead-bodies is in progress as shown in the following pictures:

Home Minister,Bugti with his (SMG), entered with first responders in Madadgar Center of FC at Quetta’s Airport Road where terrorists attacked.

Bugti appreciated the valor of our army Jawans who are neither afraid of death, nor tempted by life. 

“God bless my valiant Jawans. Their caste, religion, and ethnicity doesn’t hold them back to defend their countrymen from the terror that seeps in from across the border,” said Bugti in the following tweet:

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