Another side of CPEC!

We need to know every aspect of the game changer project China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC).

China started investment in Tajkistan two decades ago on the same terms and conditions as in CPEC and it was called a game changer for the country.

What happened later?

Tajkistan defaulted in 2009 and China demanded the payments, forced the country to make compensation.

And how that matter was resolved, was not that much nice to hear.

Tajkistan sold or ceded 1100 square km of land to China and now about 82000 Chinese are living, working and making money in Tajkistan.

Well, it is not an ordinary situation to think over it. China has already taken over Gawadar port, land of Pakistan steel mill. That coal power has been allotted to Chinese firms and many of such pockets are being sold to China, none of them is in Punjab.

So, we need to keep it in our mind that CPEC is not all sugar and honey as it looks to us. Principal Beneficiary Punjab has nothing on the stake.

Well being Pakistani, our best wishes are with this project and we hope good for our country’s prosperity!