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Another murder in name of honour killing

Islamabad: A father murdered his teenage daughter in Golra area of Islamabad over the suspicion that she was in a relationship with a boy.

The man killed his daughter by choking her neck and later surrendered himself before the police.

According to media details, a man, father of six, called 15 to inform his crime after he killed his daughter.

The dead-body of the girl has been shifted to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) where the doctors confirmed that the girl was suffocated to death. Doctors informed that there were marks on her neck and signs of bleeding from her lips.

According to details, the girl was in relationship with boy who was Afghan native and wanted to take her to his country. However, her parents opposed it and warned her several time to breakup with the guy but when the girl did not heed, her father suffocated her to death.

On Monday, another woman in Lahore was killed by her in-laws who had doubts about her character.