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Anees Qaim Khani inaugurates six offices of PSP in Karachi

Karachi: President of Pak Sar Zameen Party Anees Qaim Khani inaugurated six offices in different areas of Karachi one after another.

These six offices are opened in Mahmoodabad, Lines Area, Bazarta Line, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Joher, Society and Scheme 33; offices were inaugurated by Pak Sar Zameen Party’s president Anees Qaim Khani.

Press Conference at Pakistan House Karachi was also held by Mustafa Kamal Chairman Pak Sar Zameen Party, President Anees Qaim Khani, Vice Chairman Aftkhar Randhawa and Vice Chairman Waseem Aftab.
Pak Sar Zameen party is running a campaign to make his January 29, Tibbat Center Rally (Jalsa) successful. In this regard, six new offices of Pak Sar Zameen Party are inaugurated in different areas of Karachi by PSP President Anees Qaim Khani.
Anees Qaim khani stated, “though at present we do not have authority and resources, but with the help of public power, we would force government to provide due rights of public to them in Karachi and whole country.” He added, “we urgently need providence of clean water, access to health and education standards, solution to municipal problems and transportation problems.”

He said that politicians just come to take votes and after empowerment they forget their promises, he stated that if we will be given a chance we would serve Karachi and whole country. Qaim Khani also requested people to attend PSP meeting of January 29.