Andaze baaghi with Naeem Derath (Zulm ki Inteha)


Andazi baaghi with Naeem Derath this time will open a story that would broke you heart. This is story of Rahat Sultana, which was a girl living with his father. As the girl grow up in our society their father first priority is to get her married to a person that could take care of her.But everything went reverse her happiness converted into disgrace and humiliation.

She was married to husband named Noman Khan which work in Pakistan Airforce. But the matter of the fact is that he was not as discipline as the people we witness in the air force. As per her ex-wife, he looted all her jewellery, money and left her behind killing her son that was about see the world.

She said that he was one of the ill-mannered which destroyed her life but she had always follow his father quotation, “until what happens do keep your relationship rehabilitate with your spouse”. She endure all the pain, all the torment and  all the suffering and never raise her voice and respected his husband.

According to Rahat Sultana, she said that “She was never treated like his wife always humiliated me and killed by child that was yet to open eyes”. One day she was brutally tortured and left closed behind the door in her home.

Then their householder broke in due to the light of the home was turn on. He broke in took her to hospital and she was unconscious for almost two days.

For further details watch out the above video.




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