Tourism in Pakistan : A growing Industry!

Reviving Tourism in Pakistan.

Official sources suggest that Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) earns $8.3 million revenue per anum which comes from the hotels, motels and tourist resorts. Around 42,247 tourists have visited Pakistan in the last five years. 

PTDC has launched a PTDC friends club which will give discounts to the club members as well. Efforts are being made to promote the tourism industry, brochures, posters, maps and postcards are also being designed and distributed around so that  all the information needed is available to them. PTDC  aims to expand their hotels and motels towards the route of CPEC so that Pakistan’s tourism industry can further benefit.

It already has places to stay all over major tourism spots. As it is, they have been establishing more hotels where not many hotels were present. PTDC have played an important part in bringing the tourism industry of Pakistan where it stands today.

Through developing tourism further, more revenue can be generated as well as a source of income for many people.Tourism generates about 10% of the total GDP globally. Tourism facilities like tourist guides, transport drivers and craftsmen which are available.

Pakistan can achieve economic growth with the benefits of increasing GDP through tourism, if the industry puts in focused efforts. Better infrastructure and other facilities needed for the tourists such as fast Internet connections and cables throughout for communication purposes should be catered to so that tourists are provided more comfort. 

Pakistan is a beautiful country with mesmerizing historical sites, scenic views and natural beauty.The tourism industry can help Pakistan through supporting tourists by providing them safe visits. As governor houses of different areas are also being opened for the public by the ruling government  these can also be added to the list for tourists to visit.

Moreover, foreign exchange earnings can be generated which will further help in trading with other countries. 

When tourism industries are promoted, the growth of the whole service sector is inevitable because airlines, transport facilities, tour guides and hotels are all part of the service sector and hence all are at an advantage once there is noticeable growth in tourism.

Moreover many areas in Pakistan are isolated, if we create better opportunities, tourists coming into the country and simply passing by or stopping at these areas will lead to their development.

Furthermore, in many countries such as America where they promote the narrative of Pakistan as a country plagued by terrorism, extremist views, intolerance and political instability. If our government is able to make rapid progress in disentangling Pakistan from such negative perceptions, the tourism industry can take further steps to promote Pakistan’s tourism through designing amazing tourism packages.

Tourism can help introduce and promote our culture around the world.

Although the new government promises to focus and promote the industry work needs to be done and improved facilities are needed in order to achieve all the goals they have set.