Khara Sach with Mubasher Lucman

Mubasher Lucman is Pakistan’s premier television talk show host. He currently hosts a program titled “Khara Sach” on Channel 24. His rise to stardom has been hit multiple times by controversies as well as accolades but nothing could stop him. Lucman has received numerous International and National awards for his multiple talents and contributions to the social sector. He has earned the President’s Pride Of Performance for his contributions to Flood Affected in Pakistan and the Rumi International award for investigative journalism from USA in 2014.

Mr. Lucman is known for his hard hitting shows and writings that have become news items in their own right. He has been banned several times, fired upon and faced police harassment at the behest of the government in an attempt to try and tame him down. His personal agricultural land was forcibly acquired by the Punjab Government in the guise of developing that area for the “Garment City; a project that never took off and was a scam to forcibly take over his property. Mubasher Lucman has the highest number of social media followers and supporters in the country after the leading icon Imran Khan, the cricketer turned politician. His various campaigns on television have been trend setting trail blazers for the rest to follow. His services in the Health and Education to clean drinking water are the most admired ones amongst his loyal fans. Mr Lucman also took to the Supreme Court, the case of the bogus votes and as a consequence almost 37 million bogus votes were identified and expunged from the electoral lists. His stance to support the unfortunate minorities in the country has several times put his life at risk. Even as of today, according to a circular of the Government of Pakistan, his life is under serious threat at the hands of the Tehreek-e-Talibaan Pakistan.

He was educated in the prestigious institutions namely, Aitchison College Lahore and the Government College Lahore. Started his career from being a Copy Writer in an advertising agency and went on to win many awards for creative writing both nationally and internationally. Lucman also worked as an AD Film Maker for leading global brands which include Coca Cola International, Nestle, Milk Pak and many others. He has won top awards in multiple categories for Commercial Film Making. He then started his own Production Company that developed content and software for many television channels and then he made his debut feature Film as Director & Producer, :Pehla Pehla Pyar. The film was the first unofficial joint production between India and Pakistan utilising plenty of resources from across the border.

Mubasher Lucman has also worked in the corporate sector and held senior level management positions at many major corporations including the WorldCall Group, ARY Digital, NTM (Pakistan’s First Private Television Network). PAKTEL (A Cable & Wireless Company) and many more.

His columns and feature stories have been published regularly by leading publications both in the country and abroad. He is the author of a best selling book “Khara Sach Baba Gee kay Naam” that went on to become the top seller in a matter of weeks. A leading Bollywood Film Production Company (Dar Films) is developing a feature film on this book after the success stories it made.

Never scared of experimenting and stretching his talents, Lucman, just a couple of weeks back appeared on the ramp as a model for leading designers Asifa & Nabeel and received high acclaim. Lucman has challenged norms through his talents and experimented bringing Theatre to Pakistan based on English Language. A huge variety of plays, ranging from Neil Simon to Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams to Bernard Shaw, were performed by college students all directed and produced by Lucman himself.

Mubasher Lucman is also associated with many philanthropic projects that he manages and runs with a small team of volunteers and staff, including a full fledged Dialysis Centre that is totally free for the needy and unfortunate patients in the country. He plans now to increase and multiply the number of Free patient Dialysis Centres throughout the country.

On a professional front he is currently working on launching Pakistan’s First Ever “Air Taxi Service” and a Law Firm to assist and facilitate the Overseas Pakistanis (In Europe and the USA) who are embroiled in cases back home.

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