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Increasingly human-like robots spark fascination and fear

by Clara WRIGHT Sporting a trendy brown bob, a humanoid robot named Erica chats to a man in front of stunned audience members in Madrid. She and others like her are a prime focus of robotic research, as their uncanny human form could be key to integrating such machines into our lives, said researchers gathered […]

Gaming Addiction; A real problem!

China takes the first step in the worlds largest gaming market to limit children’s gaming as Chinese technology giant Tencent is introducing tough new rules to identify under-age gamers, putting gaming addiction under the spotlight. I have a teenage brother who has a gaming console. I am a witness to the daily fights between my mother […]

US military investing $2 bn in ‘next generation’ artificial intelligence

The Pentagon’s research wing said Friday it was investing $2 billion to develop a new generation of artificial intelligence with “human-like communication” skills. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, will use the money to fund around 20 existing and new projects that will push for a new level of machine learning, said the […]

This Mom Finds The Final Solution For The Mobile Craze

Let’s just straightaway agree to the fact that we are addicted to our phones, I mean we all have a mini heart attack when we wake up in the morning and can’t find our phone under the pillow. Well, this southern momma has found the final solution to this problem, she has crushed, I mean […]

Google and the World of Today

Google as we know it today has taken over almost everything in our daily lives. Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets & even cars are taken over by Google derived apps. A device being used by Google as a major contributor to the system software is not a big deal; in fact, it does have its benefits for the public at large. However, if we just look at the pro’s & forget the cons of this situation. It is as if for a pigeon to close its eyes on seeing a cat and thinking the cat will run away, while in fact it will attack the pigeon and eat it.

Mubasher Lucman & Mysteries of the World

Let’s say that, at some point, we discover extraterrestrial presence in our atmosphere with the naked eye. No doubt, this could be a shock to the inhabitants of the planet earth. However, would the mere existence of that unseen presence shake the core foundation of all world religions?

IHC Expected to Ban Twitter in Pakistan

IHC expected to ban Twitter in Pakistan

Noncooperation of Twitter over the blasphemous content posted.

Islamabad high court has made the statement that they might pass an order to PTA ( Pakistan Telecom Authority) to ban Twitter, a microblogging site due to it’s denial in not removing the blasphemous content from the site.

Twitter is a microblogging site where hundreds and thousands of people connect and share with each other. The sharing and transferring of content make social media a mutual space where you know people from miles away. This site contains celebrities, politicians, singers, authors, common men and even presidents and leaders of countries. Thus the site is broad and the links are joined together. One message reaches thousands of people. Twitter contains blasphemous content and this enrages and disturbs Muslim community all around the world.

Many Muslim countries including Syria, Egypt, Iran, Cuba, and it has banned Twitter. It has been banned in Pakistan as well for few days but now its open again, it has been banned in Eritrea as well. Twitter carried on the protest against muslims i.e. #muslimban, which was supported by thousands of people and specially the head of them was Donald Trump. Thankfully some people did have some sympathies so they carried on #nonmuslimban, which negated muslim ban protest on Twitter. Twitter also supported that.

This protest started when Trump made immigration policies for Muslim people. His evil mind and racist thoughts were disliked and immediately stoped. The problem is that the platform used to create this chaos and discrimination among communities was Twitter. All the negative minded people used it to expose evil ideas, even after the protest stopped, it still continues at some pages or accounts. Evil never finishes away. Thus we still see some traces of that on Twitter. The problem regarding the portal of Twitter is that it has not done anything to clean the accounts with their ongoing blasphemy.

Twitter’s silence regarding such content and negativity of people have infuriated Muslims and thus they won’t stop until the content is removed. Question is that why only the religion of Islam. The west have considered muslims a demon natured human beings, which will attack them. No it is absolutely wrong. The IHC judge Shaukat Aziz Siddique has remarked that I would have ordered to block Twitter right away but the politicians of Pakistan will complain that their political campaigns regarding elections 2018 was affected. Thus not much has happened to block Twitter.

IHC has previously ordered to block such sites containing blasphemous content as well as the sites containing pornographic content. It has ordered the Government of Pakistan to check and analyse each and every social media platform in order to provide a safe environment to people.

Early Stages of Ten Important Medical Inventions

The first oxygen store systemOxygen may be used for patients requiring supplemental oxygen via mask, this is achieved by a large storage system of liquid oxygen at the hospital which is evaporated into a concentrated oxygen supply. This arrangement is described as a vacuum insulated evaporator (VIE) or bulk tank. The first time this was ever invented and used […]

Albert Einstein; A Mentor for the Whole Universe

Albert Einstein was a man with unusual common sense, intellect, and wit. He didn’t consider himself superior or beyond anyone. He was a physicist and his work was mainly surrounded by the philosophy of science. He worked on the theory of relativity in physics.