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Sanniah Hassan

“Log Kia Kahain Gey”: Governing the Lives of Millions

By Sanniah Hassan This fear of not being able to please people, the society at large, keeps millions of people up at night. Why is it that an individual’s decisions for his/her life have to be run through approval of what others might say or think first? Living in this world as a woman is […]

Khamoshi: A Fight through Silence Rather than Words

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher whose knowledge of theatre was so vast, that it is still applicable in modern day as well. He is known to have presented six elements that make a well executed play. These elements include: plot, character(s), theme(s), language, rhythm, and lastly spectacle. It is believed by a layer of the […]

The Roman Circus Part – 2

By Hassan Wyne When history repeats itself, it repeats itself with a vengeance. No matter what a society tries to do, it cannot undo the damage it has incurred by making the same mistakes as those made by the previous generations & societies. When we look back at the previous societies and cultures that existed […]

Revolutionary Ideas and Their Place in the Modern World

By Sanniah Hassan People talk about revolution as if it is a child’s play and any one can go around “revolutionizing” ones country and getting away with it. Revolution is a very big word. Revolutions have occurred in countries like France and USA, however if this is the kind of revolution that Pakistanis expect, I […]

Transgender Community Targeted Once More

By Sanniah Hassan As we grow older our parents and educational institutes encourage us to be different, to embrace our uniqueness and enhance it so we can make something of ourselves. But what about those who are different by birth? Those who had no choice in the selection of their gender like all of us. […]

Suicide an Increasingly Global Epidemic

By Sanniah Hassan According to the statistics provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately one million people die from suicide, which represents a global mortality rate of one death every forty seconds. Although such incidents are discussed on social media websites, reported through news channels, newspapers as well by certain Non-Governmental Organizations, there are […]

Christian Girl Torched to Death by Muslim Man for Saying No

By Sanniah Hassan Considering that we are living in an age when everyone is trying to emancipate women left, right and center. It is extremely disconcerting and downright heartbreaking to come across the news of a girl being burnt alive for refusing the proposal of a man who was not only trying to manipulate her […]

Final Farewell for Tim: The Man Behind Avicii

By Sanniah Hassan “the [touring] scene was not for me. It was not the shows and not the music. It was always the other stuff surrounding it that never came naturally to me.” He clarified by saying, “I took on board too much negative energy, I think.” This world is merely a stage and we are […]

#MeToo Movement: Advocating the Strong Women Phenomenon

By Sanniah Hassan To place allegations against someone for any crime or reason is a serious issue and deserves to be treated rationally and justly, especially, when those allegations are made towards abuse of a sexual nature. Sometime last year an alliance known as the #MeToo movement gained much acclaim with women from around the world […]