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Hassan Awais Wyne

Pakistan Monument-Islamabad

Pakistan Monument is a monument and a museum with a national status and is located on the western Shakarparian mountain range in Islamabad, Pakistan. The monument was constructed to show the unity of the Pakistani people. Its height makes the monument visible from across the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area and is a famous tourist attraction. Right […]

Marriage, A blessing for those who cherish it.

Marriage is a special bond between a man and a woman that is extremely strong yet so week that it can be broken with a mere three words. Which is why, in Islam, marriage is considered a very important relationship and in fact is considered the basis of an Islamic community. This is why divorce […]


The term Voodoo doll is commonly employed to describe an effigy into which pins are inserted. Although it comes in various different forms, such practices are found in the magical traditions of many cultures across the world. Although the use of the term Voodoo implies that the practice has links to either the religion of […]

Famous qoutes by Quaid e Azam

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the father of the nation, worked tirelessly for the creation of this beautiful nation we call Pakistan.  Jinnah was a man of principles and exemplary intelligence. The way Jinnah could talk his way through anything and everything that came his way. Some even say and to which most agree […]

The Iconic Grand Trunk Road

The Grand Trunk Road is one of Asia’s oldest and longest major roads. For more than two millennia, it has linked South Asia with Central Asia. It runs from Chittagong, West Bangladesh to Howrah, West Bengal in India, then across Northern India through Delhi, passing from Amritsar. From there, the road continues towards Lahore and […]

Women Empowerment

This article discusses some of the most well known and appreciated female leaders of the world, as well as, demanding the right for every woman to be able to defend herself and her right to empowerment.

Television, a living nightmare

Television is a box with a vision. A vision to destroy the thought process a person possess but soon loses it to the extent that whatever the television tells or shows you, seems true to you. Since seeing is believing, and usually what television shows you is to some extent real but misappropriated to the […]

Security Guard Murdered in DHA

Yesterday a security guard was murdered in cold blood outside the X Block Mosque while performing his duties. According to witnesses, while ASR prayers were proceeding inside the mosque, two robbers on a motorbike approached a car parked outside the mosque and started looting the car riders of their hard earned money. The security guard […]

When Wife is the Breadwinner, Part 4

My younger son was more sympathetic towards me and my life in general and took more of my side. Soon we had him married as well. I was 62 by now and I realized that getting a job is not possible and surprisingly my wife understood this as well and pushed me towards the idea […]

When Wife is the Breadwinner, Part 3

My older son became an engineer and soon found a good job and while I was doing nothing for the past 3 years. Another  2 years pass by with joblessness and financial difficulties arising due to the fact that when I would need money my wife would say I am putting all my salary into […]

When Wife is the Breadwinner, Part 2

My wife and I decided to move forward in life and I started to look for work. Due to the fact that the real estate sector was so badly crushed, so were the numerous job opportunities. People who had left their jobs earlier to work in the real estate boom were now going back and […]