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Aanisa Mirza

Aanisa is a student from currently studying in Sciences. Her passions aside from writing are art and photography. She's currently focusing on completing her A levels and is looking to major in Psychology.

Top 10 Youtubers: Who Are They?

Over the years, YouTube has been a platform on which various creators made and uploaded content everyday for their viewers. What we tend to focus on is their extravagant lifestyle with their fame, however have you ever thought of how difficult it also may be? For gamers, sitting for hours on end in front of […]

The Death Penalty; To Kill or Not to Kill

  Despite the fact that the idea of taking someone’s life as a form of punishment sounds extremely harsh, in many cases, it is the only way that grants the victim justice in the court of law. The death penalty, also known as “Capital Punishment“, is when the government chooses to execute someone as punishment […]

The Woman Card

Since the beginning of time women have had it tough. They had to fight for recognition that came so easily to men. They weren’t even recognized as human for most of the time. In Indian society, although female deities were worshiped and they were given the right to marry of their own choice in the […]

Muharram: Remembering the Martyrs

  Muharram- the very word signifies a feeling of deep mourning. It may be the start of the Islamic year but it’s also a time of deep reflection to a great sacrifice. All Muslims observe Muharram in one way or the other with the Shias being the more vocal and visible. However, fasting on the […]

Make-up on Men: Fab or Drab?

YouTube has provided an opportunity to many LGBTQ individuals the freedom to express themselves via tutorials, it has opened a gateway for those people as well who love t experiment with colours. This article discusses the recent trend of men in make-up who choose to promote themselves via make-up and skin care routine tutorial videos.

In the Name of Honor

  Does any man have the right to take another’s life in the name of honour? Many people who believe killing in the name of honor often link their cause to religion. However, this is a misconception as ‘honor crimes’ emanate from cultural roots.In many societies women are considered a symbol of the honor of […]

Gaming Addiction; A real problem!

China takes the first step in the worlds largest gaming market to limit children’s gaming as Chinese technology giant Tencent is introducing tough new rules to identify under-age gamers, putting gaming addiction under the spotlight. I have a teenage brother who has a gaming console. I am a witness to the daily fights between my mother […]