Amir Liaquat Can Show Up on TV, However Can’t Make Ramzan Appearances

By Atiya Riffat

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday lifted the restriction on anchorperson Dr Aamir Liaqat by enabling him to show up on TV programs. In any case, it maintained the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority’s (PEMRA) choice to suspend his Ramzan appearances on Bol TV.

PEMRA had noted that Dr. Liaquat “merely for creating sensation and in order to achieve maximum rating” had created “unwarranted drama on the basis of religion and hurt the sentiments of different sects and the public at large”.

Subsequent to impelling partisan enmity, Dr Liaquat had “quit the show, leaving the live stage for the visitor ulemas who traded very unforgiving contentions”, the warning had watched.

PEMRA had discovered that the show’s substance disregarded Section 20(b), (c) (f) of the PEMRA Ordinance 2002 among others, taking note of that Dr Liaquat “is abusing/mishandling the stage without sticking to the provisions of PEMRA rules”.

The regulatory body had along these lines not just banished Hussain from showing up on any TV direct in Pakistan for a month, and in addition suspended the communicate of all projects facilitated by him on Bol TV.

Miangul Hassan issued the decision on a request by Husain against PEMRA. The court, in any case, maintained its authority to suspend his Ramazan TV appeareances on Bol TV.

The high court judge commented that PEMRA couldn’t force a sweeping prohibition on an anchorperson, saying it didn’t fall under its power. He further added that PEMRA has taken particular program off air for the unreasonable content it produced.

The court decided that, along these lines, restricting an anchorperson did not fall under PEMRA’s power.

Additionally hearing in this issue has been dismissed till June 8.

This isn’t the first run through which Liaquat has been prohibited from showing up on TV. In January 2017, PEMRA restricted him and his program ‘Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’ on Bol News after he leveled assertions of profanation against ‘vanished’ civil society activists and bloggers on his program. Islamabad High Court had likewise incidentally banned the TV from going on air.