Amir Khan’s Leaked Sex Video-An Act of Revenge, His Confession and Reasons for its Leak

By Maryam Iraj

“Amir Khan’s leaked sex video was not posted on the internet by an ex-worker”,such was the claim by the boxer’s father Sajjad Khan, knocking off his daughter-in-law Faryal Makhdoom’s statement.

At a television show a few days back, Faryal said Amir’s video was put on the internet out of revenge by someone close. The couple also expressed the possibility that a displeased former worker might have done it. According to Amir Khan, this video was leaked at a time when he was involved in a lot philanthropic works, hence it was an effort to mar his image.

Here is the video:

According to Amir, whoever made the video public waited for this time as it had happened when he was very young, long before his marriage. With this comment, he referred to the family feud between his wife and in-laws, which had been making headlines since the past few months in British media, especially.

Amir Khan had found himself at the helm of controversy again, as his ill-suited video-clip leaked on the internet last week.