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Americans in Istanbul warned of kidnapping, terror risk


Ankara: The US consulate has warned Americans and other foreigners of the risk of terror attacks and kidnapping in Istanbul, the city which has been target of several attacks this year.

The US consulate in Istanbul has written in an online message in which it has been stated that the extremist groups continued their efforts to attack Americans and other foreigners in the city.

The online notice claimed that the attacks could be pre-planned or could occur with little or no warning and they may include armed attack, kidnapping, booming and other violent acts.

Meanwhile, the consulate in the Istanbul city didn’t inform which terrorist group is behind such attacks but it claimed Islamic State (IS) and Kurdish militants have been reported in the attacks launched this year.

It is pertinent to mention here that in June this year; at least 47 people have been killed in several attacks by the IS, after the attack the people living in Istanbul or had they come to visit the city, were suggested to review and update their security measures.

It is the latest warning from the US after the consulate in Adana province warned of a potential security threat targeting US-branded hotels in south Turkey in late September.