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Altaf Hussain gives life threats to honourable judges of Pakistan

Karachi: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has given life threats to Pakistan’s honorable judges, the sources reported.

The self-exiled leader of MQM threatened judges while making telephonic address to the other leaders and workers of MQM on the occasion of their hunger strike in Karachi.

The MQM workers are observing hunger strike till death to protest against the arrest of their colleagues.

The MQM leader is urging its workers and members against the honorable judges of Pakistan as Altaf said that these judges are announcing death penalty to innocent people.

He added that his time would come, and he would practice the same as the judges are practicing now.

He added that the judges must resign from their posts. “No country could not exist if justice don’t prevail in it”, he added.

He asserted that if some licensed weapon is found from an MQM MPA, the authorities present it as it has been taken from India and Israel. If we have latest weapons, no personnel of Rangers would be seen in Karachi, he threatened.

Separately, the Interior Ministry of Pakistan has put a ban on Altaf Hussian for making speeches against Pakistan and Pak Army. Once more, the MQM founder spoke against the Pak Army and said that Pak Army wings would soon be demolished. All the structures of Pak Army would be gone soon, he maintained.

Now he is threatening honorable judges of Pakistan and urging hatred against them among its members and workers of MQM.

The speech of Altaf Hussain is only allowed in secretariat of MQM but the Pakistan government must ban it on all the forums to stop spreading of detest and hatred against Pakistan.