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Altaf Hussain confessed his links with RAW: Shahryar Khan Niazi

KARACHI/LONDON: Shaharyar Khan Niazi who is the ex-deputy head of Britain’s Mission in Karachi has claimed that the Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s leader Altaf Hussain willingly expressed to the British government that he operated for the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

Shahryar Khan Niazi during his interview with a news channel publicised that Altaf Hussain admitted to his participation with RAW during a prominent diplomatic meeting in late 2011/early 2012. Niazi declared that the British government and Scotland Yard had proof that an on paper contract occurred between the MQM and the Indian premier spy agency RAW.

According to Shahryar Khan Niazi, there is proof of involvement of Altaf Hussain with the Indian government.

“The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is well aware of the fact that Altaf Hussain has links with RAW.”

Upon questioning of the proof he had, he stated that there is much proof related to the allegation

There is a lot of evidence but let me share with you the most important one. Firstly, a member of Her Majesty’s diplomatic service officially called on Altaf Hussain around 2011/12 and during that meeting Altaf Hussain voluntarily confessed and accepted that he worked for RAW. Secondly, there is evidence that Altaf Hussain’s team facilitated contacts between the RAW and Baloch insurgents. Hussain’s team helped bring the two together. Thirdly, there are financial trail of links with the RAW; and fourthly, confessional statements about these links exist and one of these has been leaked already, there are on-the-record interviews and confessions. What has come out in the public domain so far is only a tip of the iceberg.

The ex-diplomat also revealed that a proper official document was made regarding their agreement.

Altaf Hussain and his team have a Service Delivery Agreement with RAW. Basically, an agreement as to what Altaf Hussain and his team will deliver for the RAW. There are communication exchanges, including emails. This evidence was found by Scotland Yard during the murder investigation of Dr Imran Farooq and the money-laundering investigation.

It was also, shockingly, revealed that the then interior minister of Pakistan under Pakistan People’s Party government Rehamn Malik was informed by the British government that Altaf Hussain had links with RAW”.

Shaharyar Khan Niazi stated that;

Rehman Malik was briefed officially by the British government about Altaf’s links to RAW a couple of times” and “there was credible information to suggest that the Interior Minister (Rehman Malik) met Altaf Hussain and told him that he had spoken to the British Home Secretary (Theresa May) and that on his (Malik’s) intervention all the police investigations in relation to the MQM leader would be terminated and all charges would be dropped against Altaf Hussain.

The statements were merely brushed off by government and Rehamn Malik

The interior minister was confronted by the UK government and asked not to make false statements or claims.

Shahryar Khan Niazi held that his disclosures were not “based on speculations and hearsay but hard facts”.

He said: It’s important to separate the MQM in Pakistan as a political party from Altaf Hussain and his team which managed relations with the Indian spy agency. There are many genuinely good people in the MQM who are doing a good job.

Shahryar Khan Niazi believed that it was his job to trip the task, cope associations with dogmatic associates and the political government, and in some cases with the federal government too.

I met all the political parties including the MQM, PPP, Awami National Party and others. I looked after the commercial diplomacy and in that capacity I took business delegations to the UK.

The MQM articulates that its adversaries are razing constitutionally driven accusations to disgrace the party.

MQM declared that it has not been involved in money-laundering. The party leadership has elected to keep on quiet on the Scotland Yard documents released on media and one of the money-laundering case accused Sarfraz Merchant’s allegation that the Scotland Yard officers on record told him that the MQM took money from the Indian government foundations.