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Altaf Husain, the traitor dug his own grave

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. It has the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s the power. Because it controls the minds of the masses” – Malcolm X

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was founded in 1984, and its first-ever public meeting was held on August 8, 1986 which was celebrated with aerial firing with pistols and guns.

After two months, MQM’s Chief Altaf Husain (the traitor) held an address with Karachi people and demanded rights from the then provincial government.

After his speech, riots broke out in Karachi in the same evening in which 12 people were killed, a number of vehicles were set on fire and four houses were burned down.

As far as the killings and murders are concerned, the Sindh Rangers, during Karachi operation in 2013, arrested 654 suspects belonging to MQM, who later accepted their involvement in killing of 7224 innocent people.

Moreover, umbrages were being carried out from 1986 till last week but no major action befell to traitor of Pakistan Altaf Husain and its party MQM.

Target killing, kidnapping, ransom, demand of extortion money, murder, all these heinous crimes are trademarked by workers of MQM and all such offenses were being carried out on the orders of London-based self-exiled MQM founder and traitor of Pakistan, Altaf Husain.

But what happened last Monday in Karachi that completely changed the scenario of metropolitan city’s future politics?

In Karachi Monday’s chaos, when private media houses including ARY, Samaa and Geo fell prey to MQM workers’ assault as the MQM workers were observing a hunger strike when its leader (Altaf Husain the Traitor) urged them to go and assault media houses based in Karachi.

The media houses were accused of not providing coverage to the huger strike of MQM.

The MQM leaders who were present in the hunger strike camp were arrested by Sindh Rangers but released after a short detainment.

In some way, the nation and other neutrals had been suffering from the killings, kidnapping and demand of extortion money by MQM for almost thirty years and they might endure the terrorist organization for next few years but the MQM chief, giving orders of assaulting media houses, dug his own grave.

In Pakistan, media is not just a source of entertainment; it has also evolved itself as a powerful pillar of the state and rose as the biggest power in Pakistan.

Traitor of Pakistan Altaf Husain, soon to leave this world as the doctors predicted, could use his powers on the MQM workers but perhaps he forgot the power of media of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Deputy Convener and hopefully the new chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Farooq Sattar’s statement that MQM’s workers are returning and rejoining it, lost the value when Asif Hasnain, the MNA of MQM announced to join the Pak Sarzameen Party  (PSP) here on Sunday.

He also declared stepping down from his National Assembly seat that he contested from NA-255 on MQM’s ticket.


Separately, a Pakistani citizen has written a letter to Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif (COAS) to take strict action against the leaders of MQM and appealed him to nullify the mess created by the so-called Pakistani MQM.   



Open Letter to Chief of Army Staff Pakistan from Ali Zaidi PTI
Open Letter to Chief of Army Staff Pakistan from Ali Zaidi PTI



August 27, 2016

General Raheel Sharif

Chief of Army Staff

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

General Sahib


I write to you directly, as you are duty bound not only to protect the physical frontiers of this country but also the ideological frontiers, which are currently under threat.

It is also not a hidden secret that MQM was created by former President General Muhammad Zia ul-Haq and further aided/facilitated by former President General Pervez Musharraf.  Therefore, by default, the responsibility to clean up the mess created by your predecessors sadly falls on your shoulders.

There is no doubt, that recently Sind Rangers under the leadership of Maj. Gen Bilal Akbar has done a tremendous job in restoring relative peace to Karachi and apprehended miscreants and criminals of MQM and all other parties plus banned religious outfits.  However, in the wake of Altaf Hussain’s speeches and Dr Farooq Sattar’s press conferences thereafter, time has come to take serious action against MQM that includes a ban and to hold accountable all those who are still supporting them.

Press conferences by Dr Farooq Sattar and his associates are total eyewash to hoodwink the Pakistani public.  Please do not let these criminals insult your/our intelligence by trying to separate MQM LONDON & MQM PAKISTAN! They are all the same. Altaf Hussain is still their ROHANI REHNUMA.

Can you as COAS of this great Land of the Pure please answer the following?

  • How can anyone differentiate between MQM-LONDON and MQM-PAKISTAN on an arrested target killer?
  • How is it possible that a person, who has terrorism and treason FIR’s registered against him be allowed to hold a public office, hold a press conferences & appear on TV? God Forbid, will we start giving the same privilege to leaders of banned religious militant outfits?
  • How can a political party with questionable and/or no loyalty to Pakistan be allowed to contest elections, rig the mandate and then govern the largest and most important city in Pakistan, if not the region?
  • How come Sind Rangers, who have been absolutely brilliant in managing the By-elections in Karachi, failed in the Local Bodies Election resulting in electing a Mayor who is now being held in custody for the May 12, 2007 blood bath in Karachi?
  • How come individuals who have been part & parcel of MQM’s anti state activities for decades, suddenly dry-cleaned just because they jumped a sinking ship?

A Political party gets mandated to serve the public. Not to kill, loot and plunder. The Nazi Party in Germany won a “mandate” in March 1933 as well but can the subsequent genocide committed by the Nazis be justified because of their “mandate”?

Quaid-e-Azam warned us about fifth columnists among our midst back in March 1948 and called them “quislings” and remarked that the government must deal with them “ruthlessly.” Is this Quaid’s Pakistan where anti-state elements and parties are allowed to roam freely?

Growing up in Karachi, I walked the streets without fear.  My mother would send me on my bicycle to buy bread from the nearby tandoor.  Karachi was a peaceful place to raise a family then. I want my peaceful Karachi back; a Karachi where I can walk the streets with my children without fear of them being kidnapped or getting shot.

Thank you

Ali Haider Zaidi

A concerned citizen of Pakistan.