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All religions must be respected: Ali Zaidi

I, Ali Zaidi would like to state on the record that as a Muslim, I hold the utmost respect and esteem for all Sahaba e Karam RA of the Prophet SAWW. The importance of Muslim Unity is as sacred to me as it is to all sane Muslims.

Certain elements are using people within our ranks to stir up sectarianism and disunity.

As an Individual and on behalf of PTI, I believe that all religions and sects of Islam and our leaders must be respected.

I strongly denounce all statements being attributed to me and will do whatever I can to promote national unity & harmony amongst the Muslim Ummah.

I hope and pray that the controversy that is being raised will stand exposed.

Collectively, we reject all rumors that may negatively affect the belief’s of the Muslim Ummah.

May Allah help us all in upholding the harmony and peace amongst the Muslim Ummah, PTI, Karachi & Pakistan.

Ali Zaidi
Organizer Karachi