Ali Zafar to perform 50 shows in 60 days

Pakistani Rock-star Ali Zafar aimed to do almost 50 live shows in 60 days.

“Why should I make myself inaccessible to those who made me what I am today? Our people are entertainment starved, especially in the smaller cities,” says the singer-turned actor. That is why, Ali is heading with a target which is nearing accomplishment that is almost 50 live shows in 60 days.

Ali told: In the same period I also worked on 4 TV commercials. Music had recently taken the back seat for me but that’s not the case anymore. I am working on my next album which will be out this year.

Ali Zafar looked very ambitious for his people in Pakistan and it is the most fascinating sight for his fans that even if he works in India, but still gives proper time and love to his fans in Pakistan. He added,  “You have to realise political instability and security concerns impact everything. Now that state of affairs is improving, it has given us hope.”

“Unfortunately, we live in a world where the media structure requires a lot of money pumping in order to put one’s creation out there. There was a time when you had Indus Music, Channel V, MTV. That’s not the case anymore,” says Ali Zafar while highlighting that there is need to pay proper platform and attention to Pakistan’s music.

“Musicians are facing this dilemma the world over. I think if it is done tastefully, it does benefit,” Ali Zafar shared his wish to provide a proper attention to music.

He also shared his message to all artists: I want people to get together. Back in the day it was always like that. Musicians, artists and writers would sit together, discuss their work. That culture has sort of waned. I built a state-of-the-art studio in my basement for the sole reason. I call everybody to come, jam and have fun.

Ali Zafar who got fame and success with his song “Channo” and also “Jugnu’on sy bhar ly aanchal”, also worked in Pakistan Television (PTV)’s dramas including the very famous of its time “Kaanch key Par”. He was very young at that time and success is in his luck since his start of career. Ali Zafar is now seen in Bollywood movies also and his acting has moved he industry.

His Bollywood films include London Paris NewYork, Meray Brother ki Dulhan, Kill Dill, Teray bin Laden, Chashme Badoor and Luv ka The End.