Albert Einstein; A Mentor for the Whole Universe

The great lessons he taught us through his life.

His intellect with his wit made him a genius person. He received Nobel price for photo electric effect and mass-energy theory i.e. e=mc^2, he also developed quantum theory in physics. He was awarded a Ph.D. by the University of Zurich. Besides his educational and scientific achievements, he did bring his life lessons to light. He addressed people that how they can be successful in life by being simple and pious. He himself was extremely hard working and he too knew when to take the time off.

It is quite inspiring for people out there to understand that the hard work really pays off at the end and one cannot achieve anything while sitting in home. He once said;
“ I have no special talents, i am only passionately curious.”

He always wanted to learn more as a child and as an adult. His curiosity for everything made his research and learn about new things and to develop new ideas. His ideology was great. His life lessons are worth considering if one wants to be more productive. The productivity of a person depends upon his determination and self-motivation. Albert Einstein was surely a diamond for the world as he discovered some important ideas and things.

One of his lessons is to work like a boss. He used to work 10 hours a day and for six days a week. Sunday was off and he also did a job in Swiss patent office in Bern. He never left himself free and wandering but always used his brain. He himself stated that;

“ keep in mind besides 8 hours of work, each day also has 8 hours for fooling around, and then there’s also Sunday.”

He also advised to take a break and to be off from the world. Never bother to read newspapers and stay away from mobile phones and other gadgets. Just lay down under the sun and roast yourself like a crocodile. His opinion is that if someone takes a break after long hours of working than it’s totally fine and there’s nothing to worry about. The idea is quite relative to us as everyone wants a break away from the activities and chores of the world. The following video shows the life lessons that we learn from Albert Einstein;

He encouraged the new ideas that struck his mind and never waited for the inspiration to strike him. He was consistently working so whenever he got an idea, he used to think and brainstorm over it. Whether the idea was to run along the light beam or to fall from the space in an elevator, he never insulted his ideas. He always found a meaning in them. As he said;

“ A new idea comes suddenly and in a rather intuitive way… but intuition is nothing but the outcome of the earlier intellectual experience.”

Furthermore, he advised people to knock things down that make to sad or unhappy and to seek adversity. Despite having a tough life with marriage and his work, he used this time to create and conquer new ideas. He couldn’t get a job and he had to support his family, so he applied for a job in the Swiss patent office.

His life is the true example of originality and creativeness. He sure lives in the hearts of thousands and will continue to do so.