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Albama Lawmaker to File Impeachment Resolution Against Gov. Robert Bentley in the Wake of a Scandal

On Tuesday, a Republican Alabama lawmaker had said that he is filing an impeachment resolution against Robert Bentley, the GOP Gov. in the wake of scandal concerning 1 of the governor’s top assistants, who has since resigned.

The resolution by Representative Ed Henry will likely be sent to House Rules Committee for thought, and it isn’t clear if it will have sufficient sustenance to move forward.

Some lawmakers stated that the impeachment discussions are early until he investigations into Bentley’s conduct have been completed.

“We’re looking at this Gov. who’s essentially betrayed the trust of the people of Alabama through actions & lies that have caused us to have some doubt about his leadership,” said Henry in a press conference.

Bentley lashed out at the struggle, saying that he’d dynamically defend himself.

 “Today’s press conference’s nothing more than political grandstanding intended to grab headlines & take focus away from important issues that the Legislature still has to address before end of the session,” said Bentley in a statement.

Bentley & Henry have clashed before and lately over the Gov.’s push to raise the taxes in face of a budget shortfall.

Alabama Constitution arranges a loose procedure for the impeachment for the offences including the corruption, the moral depravity, and the wilful neglect of duty, among other things.

Henry said that his filing indicts Bentley of all those things, as well as lack of ability.

“If he truly loves people of this state, he will step down,” he added.

The Alabama lawmaker had last month confessed making incongruous remarks to Rebekah Caldwell Mason, his former senior political adviser however denied the indictments of an affair.

The admittance came after Spencer Collier, Robert Bentley’s former law enforcement secretary, accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with Mason,

Mr. Collier claimed that he had heard a recording of a blatantly sexual conversation between the Gov. and that woman. Collier had also accused Bentley of interfering with the law enforcement investigations.

The Gov. however confessed last month that he didn’t have a “physical affair” with Mason and that there was no “sexual activity.”

The scandal engulfed Bentley.

House Minority Leader Craig Ford had said that the accusation had nothing to do with Bentley’s relationship with Mason, but he was fretful about the Collier’s allegations of interference with law the enforcement business.