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Ahed Tamimi, Birthday Girl in Jail

By Maryam Iraj

Happy Birthday, Ahed Tamimi!

It’s her birthday and everybody is invited to sign the petition on the following links to free her:

This would be the best birthday gift to Ahed Tamimi ever and for her mother. Signing the petitions by Amnesty International, CodePink, Jewish Voices for Peace, and many others to demand her freedom we, as humans, will be in solidarity with those who are suffering with no end in sight. Let this be a day in which you could be an emblem of hope to someone who needs you most.

Ahed, young and beautiful, has only seen the ugliest side of this world to this date—always soaked in blood and violence. Today, 30th January 2018, she is 17—an age in which girls dream of their future, education, families and what not.

But Ahed Tamini is in deep anguish behind the bars at this moment because she dared to dream big. She took up the path least trodden and most feared. We need to stand united with Ahed Tamimi for the courage she has shown and for the pain she has endured right now along with those 350 Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel. She was arrested for fighting occupation and was denied bail while awaiting trial.

The deafening silence over Tamimi’s case ensures us that equality is gift, and not every human being is entitled to it. But amid this darkness, I remember Rosa Parks whose courage to resist inequality became the hallmark of the African American Civil Rights Movement from (1954-1968).

Just like Parks, Tamimi’s act of defiance will be remembered in history as a milestone for times to come. But its our responsibility not to let the struggles of this young girl die.

Just tuned 17-year-old Tamimi braved the Israeli occupation and its atrocities. But she now faces up to 10 years in prison over a dispute with an Israeli soldier.

On 19 December 2017, along with her mother, Nariman Tamimi and with cousin Nour Tamimi, she was arrested after posting the footage online.


Today, spare some time to watch the following Tamimi videos to appreciate her struggles: