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After NY, Bernie Sanders has a Choice to Make

Had Sen. Sanders won the New York, it  would’ve represented the major political earthquake of last decade. Unfortunately, for Bernie Sanders, he fell short of such a achievement.

While results are still trickling in, right now it is become profusely clear that Hillary Clinton had won the gold medal in Empire State.

A must-win state for both the candidates, this victory was a particularly honeyed one for Hillary Clinton given the fact that she is the hometown candidate who had served as state’s U.S. Senator for 2 terms. It is also where her national campaign headquarters & her husband, President Bill Clinton’s, foundation is situated. Losing her home state wasn’t an option. Period.

The triumph not only knowingly debilitated her opposition, nonetheless it put to rest any queries about her formidability, ability or her now unequivocal path to nomination.

Both symbolically and mathematically, this was a overwhelming loss for Bernie Sanders. He outspent Hillary Clinton by over 2 million dollars in advertising. Plus, after claiming victory in 8 out of last 9 contests, Bernie Sanders had been picking up the steam & making a case that he’d real, tangible momentum. In the terms of optics, Hillary Clinton’s triumph in the New York stabbed a gaping hole in ‘berning flame’ that was powering the escalation of Bernie Sanders’ hot-air balloon.

On arithmetic front, any loss for Bernie Sanders, especially 1 in delegate-rich state of NY, illustrates a major hindrance in the terms of making improvements on delegate math. To the date, Bernie Sanders is behind by near 700 delegates, counting both the state-appointed delegates and the super delegates

Additionally, this romping perhaps serves as evidence of the fact that Sanders’ sharp turn towards a more negative, character-driven attack message against Clinton might have had unintended consequences. Over the course of the last few days, Sanders intensified the tone of his criticisms and aimed a series of salvoes at the former Secretary of State. At the time, it was unclear what, if any, impact the shift would have had on the race. New York’s election results indicate that the strategy may have backfired.

Even if Bernie Sanders had won NY, he’d have had to capture nearly 2/3rd of all remaining post-New York delegates to catch up to Hillary Clinton. Now the maths appears to be even more bleak for Sanders’ campaign.