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Africa: Burundi General Shot Dead

A security consultant to Burundi’s vice-president shot dead while dropping off his child at school in capital Bujumbura.

General Athanase Kararuza & his wife had died on the spot. No group acknowledged that it was behind the attack.

Over 400 people are killed in turmoil since the President Pierre Nkurunziza had said that he’d run for a 3rd term last April.

A chain of the high-ranking army officials were targeted during conflict.

Africa: Burundi General Shot Dead
Burundi saw violent unrest after Mr Nkurunziza announced he would pursue a third term (Image via Reuters)

Rights group Amnesty International has also accused security forces of killing opponents and dumping them in mass graves.

Soon after the attack, International Criminal court declared to start a preliminary investigation into violence in Burundi.

This will choose whether a full-blown inquiry will take place that could result in charges against those who are accused of being the reason of violence.

Robert Misigaro, BBC’s Great Lakes reporter said that the murder is a setback for President Nkurunziza because it displays that he can’t guarantee the security of his own officers.

Martin Nivyabandi, the Minister for Human Rights on Sunday had survived a grenade outbreak as he was coming out of the church.

Though both the opposition & the Govt. forces are ethnically miscellaneous, some dread that the violence could incline into a repeat of genocidal killings that the country has earlier experienced.

President Nkurunziza is the prior leader of a Hutu rebel group that had battled a Tutsi-dominated army for several years until he came to authority in year 2005 as part of peace deal.

The African Union said that it’d send a 5,000-strong peacekeeping force to country even if govt. didn’t accept it but it’s since back-tracked.